The Opposition


25.09.1965 Clive Castledine’s house, Leicester, UK

15.10.1965 Gartree School, Leicester, UK

28.10.1965 Gartree School, Leicester, UK

04.12.1965 Co-operative Hall, Enderby, UK

17.12.1965 Gartree School, Leicester, UK

31.12.1965 Market Harborough Youth Club, Leicester, UK


15.01.1966 Co-operative Hall, Enderby, UK

05.02.1966 Village Institute, Countersthorpe, UK

11.02.1966 Youth Club, Narborough, UK

05.03.1966 Constitutional Hall, Wigston, UK

11.03.1966 Village Hall, Evington, UK

19.03.1965 Countersthorpe Institute, Leicester, UK

30.04.1966 Co-operative Hall, Enderby, UK


??.01.1967 USAF Base, Molesworth, UK

12.02.1967 Boys Club, New Parks, UK

25.02.1967 Antiquity Club, Churchgate, UK

10.03.1967 Roundhills Youth Centre, Thurmaston, Leicester, UK

18.03.1967 Boys Club, New Parks, UK

31.03.1967 Kirby Lane Community Centre, Melton Mowbray, UK

01.04.1967 St. John Bosco Hall, UK

17.04.1967 Wigston, Youth Centre, UK

23.04.1967 Leicester, Beaumont Keys, UK

30.04.1967 Boys Club, New Parks, UK

20.05.1967 Leicester, Casino, UK

22.05.1967 Wigston, Youth Centre, UK

23.06.1967 Hinckley, St. George`s Ballroom, UK

24.06.1967 Kibworth, Village Hall, UK

01.07.1967 Royal Oak, Wigston, UK

3.09.1967 Leicester, Beaumont Keyes Church Hall, UK

16.09.1967 Shearsby, Bath Hotel, UK

23.09.1967 Huntingdon, 231 Club, UK

29.09.1967 Leicester, Nigel Bullen`s brother`s 21st birthday party, UK

30.09.1967 Molseworth, United States Airforce base, UK

4.10.1967 Evington, Evington Club, UK

13.10.1967 Thurmaston Roundhills, Youth Club, UK

21.10.1967 Braunstone Wycliffe, Youth Club, UK

28.10.1967 Leicester, Zodiac 67 Club, UK

03.11.1967 Thurmaston, Roundhills Youth Centre, UK

04.11.1967 Club, Evington, UK

10.11.1967 Boys Club, Witterworth, UK

11.11.1967 Zodiac 67 Club, Leicester, UK

01.12.1967 Thurmaston Roundhills, Youth Club, UK

21.12.1967 Raven Youth Club, Thurnby Lodge, UK

22.12.1967 Great Glen, Youth and Sports Centre Club, UK


06.01.1968 Dog & Gun, Thurlaston, UK

12.01.1968 Casino Ballroom, Leicester, UK

13.01.1968 Leicester, Tennis Club, UK

18.01.1968 Hinckley, Rugby Club, UK

27.01.1968 Country Arms, Blaby, UK

08.02.1968 Bedford, Village Hall, UK

09.02.1968 Royal Oak, Wigston, UK

15.02.1968 Tyers, Rugby Club, UK

16.02.1968 Youth Club, Lutterworth, UK

17.02.1968 Dog & Gun, Thurlaston, UK

18.02.1968 St. John Bosco Hall, UK

23.02.1968 Roundhills Youth Center, Thumaston, UK

24.02.1968 Youth Club Hall, Kibworth, UK

01.03.1968 Royal Oak, Wigston, UK

02.03.1968 Country Arms, Blaby, UK

The New Opposition


30.04.1966 Enderby, Co-Operative Hall, UK

06.05.1966 Co-operative Hall, Enderby, UK

14.05.1966 Enderby, Co-Operative Hall, UK

21.05.1966 Village Hall, Countersthorpe, UK

28.05.1966 Enderby, Co-Operative Hall, UK

02.06.1966 Coalville, West End Club, UK

14.06.1966 Co-operative Hall, Enderby, UK

18.06.1966 Countersthorpe, Village Hall, UK

25.06.1966 Enderby, Co-Operative Hall, UK

28.06.1966 Enderby, Co-Operative Hall, UK

03.07.1966 Oadby, UK

30.07.1966 Oadby, Ellis Recreation Ground, UK

08.08.1966 Leicester, Blackbird Road Tramp Dance, UK

14.08.1966 Narborough, Youth Club, UK

16.08.1966 Eden Mills, Municipal Hall, UK

17.08.1966 Leicester, Eyres Monsell Youth Club, UK

21.08.1966 Leicester, Casino, UK

23.08.1966 Leicester, London Road Casino Midland Beat Contest, UK

28.08.1966 Leicester, Eyres Monsell Youth Club, UK

30.08.1966 Market Harborough EMBI Club, UK

??.08.1966 Co-operative Hall, Enderby, UK

??.10.1966 Casino Ballroom, Leicester, UK

06.11.1966 Monsell Youth Club, Eyres, UK

11.11.1966 Monsell Youth Club, Eyres, UK

19.11.1966 Narborough, Youth Club, UK

31.12.1966 Market Harbour Youth Club, Leicester, UK


13.01.1967 Tennis Club, Leicester, UK

28.02.1967 Leicester, London Road Casino, UK

The Art


wiosna 1968 St. Neots, UK

wiosna 1968 Kettering, UK

16.03.1968 Gartree School, Oadby, UK

25.03.1968 Thurnby Lodge, Raven Youth Club, UK

29.03.1968 Youth Club, Lutterworth, UK

19.04.1968 Houghton, Village Hall, UK

27.04.1968 Leicester, Billesden Village Hall, UK

28.04.1968 Village Hall, Billesden, UK

11.05.1968 Village Hall, Kibworth, UK

18.05.1968 Wigston, Royal Oak, UK

01.06.1968 Melton Mowbray, Drill Hall, UK

07.06.1968 Coventry, Walsgrave, UK

08.06.1968 Leicester, University, UK

15.06.1968 St Neots, Youth Club, UK

22.06.1968 Kettering, Tin Hat Club, UK

23.06.1968 Coalville, West End Club, UK

25.06.1968 Oadby, Beauchamp Grammar School, UK

30.06.1968 Birmingham, Old Hill Plaza Ballroom, UK

31.08.1968 Atherstone, Memorial Hall, UK

14.09.1968 Blaby, County Arms, UK

18.09.1968 Coalville, Youth Centre, UK

28.09.1968 Loughborough, Town Hall, UK

11.10.1968 Wigston, Royal Oak, UK

12.10.1968 Loughborough, University, UK

26.10.1968 Kibworth, Village Hall, UK

09.11.1968 Lincoln, RAF Waddington, UK

17.12.1968 Gartree School, Leicester, UK


11.01.1969 West End Ballroom, Coalville, UK

18.01.1969 Rugby Club, Hinckley, UK

25.01.1969 Community Centre, Muxloe, UK

01.02.1969 Village Hall, Kibworth, UK

08.02.1969 Village Hall, Bedford, UK

15.02.1969 Rugby Club, Tyers, UK

14.03.1969 Nicolas Chamberlaine School Hall, Bedworth, UK

01.06.1969 Loughborough, University, UK

25.06.1969 Oadby, Beauchamp School, UK, 2 koncerty

29.08.1969 Youth Club, Great Glen, UK



21.11.1970 Chelsea College, London, UK

Gościny udział:

John Deacon Gala 1988

Princes Trust Gala

06.06.1988 Princes Trust Gala, London, UK

01. The Letter

1988-12-04 The Cross - John Deacon and Brian May

1988-12-04 The Cross – John Deacon i Brian May

04.12.1988 Le Palais, London, UK (Queen Fan Club Xmas Party – koncert The Cross)

01. Dust My Broom
02. I’m In Love With My Car
03. Early Morning Blues
04. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

1992-04-20 Wembley Londyn Trubute Freddie

John w 1992 r.

20.04.1992 Wembley Stadium, London, UK (Freddie Mercury Tribute)

18.09.1993 Cowdray Park, UK (Festival, z Rogerem Taylorem jako Queen)

01. A Kind Of Magic
02. I Want To Break Free
03. We Will Rock You
04. Another One Bites The Dust
05. These Are The Days Of Our Lives
06. Radio Ga Ga

01.07.1995 Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK (z SAS Band). Support zespół Baker z Michelem Deaconem.

01. My Girl
02. 634-5789
03. Crazy Little Thing Called Lovequeen-elton-john-1997 paryż

17.01.1997 Paris, France (Queen+Elton John z Bejart Ballet premiera „Ballet for Life”)

01. The Show Must Go On